The value of time

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The value of time is a content project for Deutsche Bank. It uses a series of inspiring stories that seek to transmit everything that each of those seconds, minutes, hours, days and years of our lives can bring.


1 second

For architect Victoria Garriga, time is everything that occurs within four imaginary walls. Four walls that never limit us, but allow us to make anything happen, and for anything to change, from one moment to the next.


40 minutes

In rugby, the moment the game finishes, is the moment when it’s just about to start. It’s when the third half begins, a space for dialogue where the values that make this sport so great are encouraged.


15 years

Saioa has a time machine that allows her to make leaps in time. It may sound like science fiction, but when she dances, time can fly and it takes her as far as she wishes. Like when she arrived in Madrid or New York, where she studied dance for 15 long years.

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