We believe in honest and open relationships. In collaboration as an indispensable part of our way of working. In working hard. We believe in brands with ambitions to push boundaries and become part of popular culture. To reach people's hearts and become part of their lives.

Who we are

Pol Martínez
Creative Director
Juan Badilla
Account Director
Isahac Oliver
General Creative Director
Edu Rojo
Account Director & Traffic Manager
Ramón Brea
Account Manager
Jorge Segarra
Creative Director
Anna Vila
Office Manager
Irene Sánchez
Art Director
Jordi Rosàs
CEO, Founder & Chief Strategic Officer
Jordi Solé
Head of Production
Jorge Fraile
Account Director
Carlos Valero
Account Manager
Mireia Mayor
Anabel Alonso
Head of Admin
Daniele Cicini
Managing Director
Patricia García
Production Coordinator
Virginia Nicolau
Art Director
Nacho Ginestra
Executive Creative Director
Clara de Ramón
AV Editor
Xavi Mauri
Head of Art
Javier Ribas
Aldo Coste
Pablo Serrano
Head of Growth
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