Essentials for life

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“Essentials for life” is a tribute to the important things, to all that is necessary to live fully, and draws a parallel between UNIQLO products, its brand values and the character of Barcelona – a city made for and by people: accessible, comfortable, open, full of life, diverse and always authentic, no matter the latest trend or fashion.

They are the essential clothing items to enjoy the essential parts of the city.

The barcelonians

Carles Puyol, Verónica Blume, Amaia Arrazola, Laura Put, Johan Wald, Greta Fernández, Àlex Monner and Óscar Tusquets. Eight ambassadors that not only share values with Uniqlo, but also have a special relationship with the city of Barcelona.


We created 4 different stories to explain the love between Greta, Àlex, Uniqlo and Barcelona.


Different interviews with each influencer asking them exclusively about essential concepts related to Barcelona lifestyle topics, personal details and clothing preferences, to which they gave only essential answers in a fun, fast and fresh way.

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