I bet on Atleti

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In football, as in betting, two things can happen: you can win, or you can lose. In either case, it’s only by losing that you learn what it means to win.Only when you win, do you realize how important it is to keep betting on what you believe is right. This is the spirit of Atlético de Madrid, and shows the emotional side of betting we wanted to reflect in our first BWIN campaign.

Two generations. One big bet.

Being an Atleti player is not easy. And it never was. So we prepared a simple game between two generations of players where they had to guess which of the statements was totally true.


We invited all the colchoneros to share the different ways they have or would bet on their club. And in return we offered them something really special as a prize – the chance to actually play at the Wanda Metropolitan stadium. A prize that eventually saw this one lucky group tread the hallowed turf.

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